We offer specialty testing and inspections in addition to our whole-house inspection.  They include:

  •  Radon—48-hour monitoring of your home for radon gas by an Ohio licensed radon tester
  • Termite—Inspects for signs of infestation of termites and other wood-destroying insects, like carpenter ants and carpenter bees
  • Mold—Checks for evidence of moisture problems, which can lead to mold. Testing can range from a simple swab to a complete air quality test.
  • First-year warranty inspection—Catch and fix problems with systems and appliances before a warranty ends
  • Property Condition Inspection—Preventive check-up finds issues before they become more expensive problems

Additional Services

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home inspection services


 A Horizon Point inspection tells a home’s full story. That takes time, professional training and experience, and the willingness to climb and crawl where most people don’t want to go. You get it all with a Horizon Point inspection, and then some.

We’ll walk and talk you through the home, explaining what we see along the way. We’ll make recommendations and answer all your questions, even long after the inspection.

Whether you’re a homebuyer who wants to confirm that a home is the right choice for you or a home seller who wants to make sure your home is listing- and quick-to-sell ready, our whole-house inspection covers the details you need. A Horizon Point inspection includes:

  • Thorough inspection of the entire structure inside and out, from roof to basement or crawlspace, including electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, interior components and the chimney system.
  • Detailed report with full-color photos, within 24 hours of your inspection
  • RecallChek© to search for recalls on all major appliances.
  • Professionally trained inspectors, with gold-standard certification by ASHI, the industry’s oldest and most respected professional association