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The price for a whole home inspection typically depends on the services the client is requesting, size, age, number of structures and location of the property.  At Horizon Point, we base our prices on the square footage of the home, however the price can change depending on the factors listed above. Based on our data, 80% of the homes we inspect fall into the 3000 square foot or less price range. Homes with 3001 or more square feet will cost an additional 10 cents per square foot which would be added to our base price of $375.  

Homes at 3000 square feet or less

  • $375 - Includes the Whole House Inspection, 90 Day Warranty, Recall Chek, Roof Protection Plan, Mold Safe Plan, Sewer Guard Plan and our Concierge Service.


Additional Services and Cost

  • $60 for our termite inspection
  • $150 for our two day radon test
  • $200 for a level one mold assessment


We want to help and educate you about your home and the home inspection process.