Inspecting homes is our job, but helping people and building relationships that last is our mission. It’s what matters most and is why we’ve set a couple standards of our own:

  • Serve people well—Customer satisfaction is first. Always. Respond quickly. Answer questions and provide help long after the inspection is finished.


  • Teach people well—Explain, teach and share everything we can. Leave clients knowing and understanding more about a house than they did before. Answer questions until they do.


  • Treat people well—It’s simple: be nice. Do the right thing. Always. Integrity and honesty are everything.

Chris launched Horizon Point Inspections knowing it was a good fit with his experience as a local firefighter, an Ohio certified fire inspector and hands-on work in remodeling and construction. That knowledge and experience, combined with the life lessons his parents, and high school and college football coaches taught — integrity, hard work, and a winning attitude will take him as far as he wants to go — drive Horizon Point’s success. Chris is an ASHI-certified inspector, earning the highest level of training and certification in the industry.

Carl Heywood, Inspector

Brian Tregoning, Inspector

Brian got his first job as a young teen, working with contractors and learning to be a framing carpenter. His hands-on work in construction led to work in underwater bridge inspection, forensic inspection and storm water inspection. That experience sharpened his skills in uncovering and figuring out causes for system problems and failures, making him a top home inspector today. Brian is a certified home inspector by ASHI.


We’ve got our own standards to meet, too

A home is a huge financial investment; that’s why a professional, detailed inspection is so important. It’s also why we hold our work to higher standards — standards set by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the most respected professional association for home inspectors in North America. You’ll see lots of logos and certifications out there. The ASHI logo is the one that really matters — it’s the toughest one to earn. It’s a badge of excellence earned by inspectors who’ve passed a tough national exam, complete yearly continuing education and follow ASHI’s strict standards of practice — standards Ohio doesn’t require, but we think you deserve.

Meet Our Team

Experienced, ASHI-certified home inspectors set us apart

Chris Heywood, Owner

Carl started his on-the-job training in construction as a kid, working as a second-hand man for his do-it-yourselfer dad. He later worked in home construction, getting hands-on experience working in newly built and existing home construction. Carl is a certified home inspector by ASHI.    


Horizon Point Inspections is a locally owned Cincinnati home inspection company. We bring experience, know-how and a client-first approach to everything we do. If you’re buying or selling a home, getting to the closing table takes a team effort. We work hard to do our part to make getting there easy, fast and down right pleasant. It’s why you can count on us for:

  •  Complete, one-stop home inspection services 
  • Detailed, easy-to-understand reports within 24 hours
  • A full-time office staff ready to help

Whether you’re buying, selling or maintaining a home you already love, our professional, detailed inspections help:

  •  Prevent surprises—Uncover existing or potential problems. They’re not always obvious unless you know what to look for. We do.
  • Save money—Find out how problems will hit your wallet. Avoid expensive, unexpected repairs.
  • Keep you and your family safe—Pinpoint hazards such as improperly wired electrical breakers and radon gas that put your family’s safety and health at risk.
  • Protect your investment—Make informed home-buying decisions. Find potential problems before they become big, money-pit ones.
  • Sell your home faster—Uncover and repair potential deal-breaking problems before you list your home.

About Horizon Point Inspections